Family stories

Kaleb's Story

Kaleb's story

Kaleb was born unexpectedly at home... now 15 months old he continues to make progress but his future remains uncertain..

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Isla-Grace's story

When heartbreak turned to hope for baby Isla-Grace.

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Isla-Grace's story
Vivek's Story

Vivek's Story

Campaigner, advocate, superhero... meet Vivek

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Jaylen's story

Jaylen and his family first visited Rainbows in 2016. Read their story and how Rainbows supports them

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Jaylen's Story

Sophie's Story

Sophie suffers from several life-limiting conditions, but it hasn’t stopped her from flying in a plane, zip wiring and racing in a power boat

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Jessie's Story

Jessie suffers from a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy and factors such as the weather and over stimulation can cause life-threatening seizures.

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Jessie Spray

Patrick's Story

Patrick has had between 20 and 30 seizures a day and has spent half of his young life in hospital. His mum describes him as a little miracle

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Jayden's Story

At first glance you might easily think Jayden Raven was like any other child.

But five-year-old Jayden is not like other children. He is, in fact, often very poorly. And every birthday, every Christmas with her son is a milestone for which his mother, Sarah, is grateful.

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Preston's story

Preston has a life-threatening heart condition but he doesn’t let that stop him from running around, playing and enjoying life.

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Heidi's Story

"When I met with other mums and saw other children, I knew my daughter was in some way different. Nobody else could see it but I could." The words of Tina, Heidi's mum.

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Reece's Story

Reece's story

Reece was born with a condition which brings a complex range of life-limiting challenges and his future remains uncertain.

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