Corporate Fundraising

From bake sales to scavenger hunts, every effort makes a difference and every penny counts. Now’s your chance to get creative, think outside the box and come up with those fun ideas.

No one knows what makes your employees tick better than you, so you are in the best position to come up with ways to fundraise for Rainbows that they will love! Why not get together a team of Charity Champions together to lead your fundraising?

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Recycling for Rainbows

Have you got unwanted goods that are looking for a new home? Recently had a clear out and looking to throw things away? Look no further because we’ll take it from here!

Ask for one of our Rainbows donation bins to be placed in your office and your staff can easily bring in bags of unwanted items for us to sell in our charity shops. Each bag raises on average £12, so this is a really simple way to help us raise vital funds whilst also clearing out your clutter!

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The Big Currency Collection

This scheme couldn’t be easier. Simply arrange a collection of your leftover foreign currency in your office and we can get it exchanged to sterling.

You could set up a collection box in the office and send it over to us!

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Client Balances

Are you a solicitors or accountancy firm, or do you work with one? Under the SRA and ICAEW regulations, firms can donate sums of money which are lying dormant in client accounts to charity after a designated period of time.

These funds can’t be used for any other purpose, and can often cause issues when writing up annual accounts. This is a really easy way to support us, and we are more than happy to provide a letter of indemnity for any amount donated.

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Gifts in Kind

Money is not the only thing your company can give! Donating gifts is an easy way to support Rainbows and there are always lots of products and services we need. Perhaps your company could provide something to benefit the hospice such as gifted equipment, supplies or pro bono services?

For example, Henton and Chattell kindly donated some wonderful gardening equipment to help us maintain our beautiful gardens for our families. If you think you could help us with a gift in kind, we would love to talk to you to explore this opportunity with you.

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Matched Funding

Studies have shown that people are more generous when donating if they know that their donation is being matched further down the line, making matched funding a brilliant way to make your fundraising go further. If you are fundraising for Rainbows, see if your company has a matched funding scheme.

Or, if you’re a business which has adopted Rainbows as your Charity of the year or have employees fundraising for us, you can incentivise and support them in their fundraising by matching their donations to show your commitment to brightening short lives.

Payroll Giving

This is a simple way for your staff to donate to us from their monthly income, and your company can help even further by matching their donations, which is a great way to encourage employees to take part. If your company aren’t already, you may need to register with a Payroll Giving Agency, meaning they will organise the payments to Rainbows. The donations are also taken before tax is applied, meaning it costs less to donate! A few options are:

Or, your Finance Department can arrange an internal system where a donation of your employee’s choice is automatically taken out of their pay and the monies are forwarded to us directly. If they sign a Gift Aid form too, it means we can claim an extra 25% for every pound they donate!