Buy a truly meaningful gift for a friend or family member and help to brighten short lives.

Our “Gifts that Give” are a collection of alternative virtual gifts, including Music Therapy, Hydrotherapy, the gift of a smile or hours of high quality care and compassion – both in the hospice and out in the community. All you need to do is choose the gift you want to give, and we’ll make the memories. It’s that simple.

The money raised through Gifts that Give will help to fund the care and support that Rainbows provides.

Each Gift that Gives comes with a certificate to pass onto your loved one as a gift. We will send the certificate electronically to ensure your donation goes to Rainbows and not spent on postage!


A smile on the face of one of our babies, children or young people, what gift could be more precious than that? Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People provides a place for life-limited youngsters to play, laugh, make magical memories and receive the best care possible.

Buy a gift of a smile


Our Arts and Crafts Room is stocked with paper, paints and Playdoh. Your gift will help to keep our art supplies stocked and the fun flowing.

Buy a gift of art


Our hydrotherapy pool can be used for a range of purposes, including therapy sessions with our physiotherapists, relaxing sessions and sessions which are aimed at fun for the whole family. This gift is enough to help pay for a session in the pool for our babies, children, young people and families.

Buy a gift of a splash in our Hydrotherapy Pool


Music therapy helps our babies, children and young people express themselves. This can be so valuable for those with communication difficulties or those who cannot put their feelings into words. This gift can help provide a child or young person with individual time with our Music Therapist.

Buy a gift of music


This gift is enough to help pay for our Nurses to support babies, children, young people and families affected by serious and terminal illnesses. Giving them as much time as they need to ask any questions they may have and receive the care they need.

Buy a gift of care


Our Family Support Team are here for the whole family, whenever they need us – whether it’s at home, in hospital or in our Hospice. This gift could cover the cost of our Family Support Workers visiting a family when they need us the most.

Buy a gift of compassion