Customer top ups

If you sell products or run a service, you can ask your customers to donate a small amount to Rainbows each time they make a purchase. There a lots of different ways to do this ranging from using software to implement round ups, to just adding an optional donation onto a bill. For example, restaurant chain Mowgli in Leicester have added a discretionary donation of £1 onto every bill, which in just a few years has raise over £42,000 from their customers!

Merchandise sales as a fundraising idea

Merchandise sales

Do you work with stock or manufacture goods? Any leftover stock or merchandise could be sold or raffled off to staff to make the most of the unused goods. You could even hold an auction and bring out everyone’s competitive side.

Tuck shops

Ever fancy a sweet treat whilst you’re working hard? Set up an office tuck shop by heading to a wholesaler and buying everyone’s favourite snacks. You can take it in turns to buy the stock and sell everything for a small donation to Rainbows, keeping everyone happy whilst supporting a good cause.

A selection of sweets

Quiz Fundraising

Quiz Night

Looking to hold an event at your work place? Our quiz pack makes it easier than ever to put on your own quiz night. Host it remotely or in the office. The quiz is full of questions on music, sport, entertainment and more to bring out your competitive side. You can also find some tips on how to run your event in person or virtually and how to do some fundraising alongside. Get in touch for your pack today.

Dog Show

Employees could pay to enter their pets into the following suggested categories (feel free to add your own), with one very special animal crowned Best in Show at the end of the judging:

  • Prettiest female / most handsome male
  • Best puppy dog eyes
  • Best trick (video submissions encouraged)
  • Most unusual pet (get your chickens, reptiles, and llamas ready!)
  • Best outfit
  • Naughtiest pet
  • Pet that looks most like their human (or vice versa!)
  • Best action shot

Magnifying glass looking at objects

Scavenger Hunt

This is great fun to play online! For an entry fee, get everyone to find the list of items you call out in their house – last person to get back to their seat is out! You can make this as easy or difficult as you like, some fun ideas include:

  • A houseplant
  • Something that has three different colours
  • Something with your name printed on it
  • A penny
  • Something older than you

‘Swear Jar’

This is another office staple, and we’ve given it a virtual update! You and your colleagues can be fined for any of the following video chat faux-pas:

  • Doorbell ringing
  • Pet or children appearing
  • Talking while you’re on mute
  • Having to go and fetch your charger halfway through

Swear jar with coins in it

Host a Rainbows Day

Have a whole day dedicated to Rainbows with lots of activities going on at once! This is a great way to get all your staff involved as there will be something for everyone, and it really shows your commitment to Rainbows. We can even arrange for Bow Bear to visit you on the day too!

‘We had a fantastic day and to have Bow there was the icing on the cake! Days like these boost morale, improve communication and is a great way to engage with the team all while raising money for such an amazing charity.’ – Amanda Willis, Head Receptionist & Page Kirk Charity Co-ordinator

Get in touch with our Corporate Team to let us know you would like to fundraise for us, and we will be happy to help you make it a big success!