A young girl on a swing


Jessie suffers from a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy and factors such as the weather and over stimulation…

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A young boy sat in his wheelchair smiling


In August 2017, Kaleb Crook was born unexpectedly at home and just didn’t breathe. He was rushed by ambulance to…

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A young girl at Rainbows


Despite suffering daily seizures and needing round the clock care, Izzy is a “little ray of sunshine”.

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A young boy sat in soft play


At first glance you might easily think Jayden was like any other child. But Jayden is not like other children.…

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Two young boys sat in a toy car

Jude and McKenzie

Despite being ventilated, brothers Jude and McKenzie can enjoy swimming with their family when they visit Rainbows.

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A family walking


It was Christmas 2016 that Aadi and his family found themselves on a devastating journey they never expected.

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Reece was born with a condition which brings a complex range of life-limiting challenges and his future remains uncertain.

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A mum and daughter smiling


Evelyn was just eight months old when she had a cardiac arrest at home, leaving her brain starved of oxygen…

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A young girl smiling in her wheelchair


Lola was a twin who was born premature. Sadly, her sister Amelia died a few hours after birth.

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A young girl sat outside waving


Isla has an illness so rare that she may be the only child in the world with the condition.

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A smiling young girl


Michaela, first visited Rainbows when she was 14 and died 12 years later. She needed round the clock care from…

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A mum and daughter


Three days before her second birthday, Rae was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a muscle wasting disease.

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