How your £1 donation can make a difference

Since 2019, diners like you have collectively raised over £35,000 for Rainbows.

We provide specialist care and emotional support for babies, children and young people with serious or terminal conditions and their loved ones, so they can enjoy their time together as a family, for as long as they have.

“I have always found it difficult to let go and allow someone else to take control but I trust the staff at Rainbows so much, it is great and it enables me to get some respite. Winnie loves the Multisensory Room and the Hydrotherapy Pool, in particular.” – Jade, Winnie’s mum.

As a charity, Rainbows is almost entirely dependent on kind people like you to provide the funds that keep our services going.

Please ensure every child, young person and family can depend on us when they need us the most.