Updating or changing your will

Once you’ve written your will, it’s important to keep it updated. Not only will this give peace of mind to you and your loved ones, but it will also ensure that the government doesn’t decide how your assets are distributed.

It is important to keep your will up-to-date to ensure it reflects your current wishes and circumstances. You should ideally review your will every time a life event occurs, examples include if you:


Get married or enter a civil
partnership (such a life event
automatically cancels
your will)


Get divorced

Have children

Have bought a new
property or recently
obtained an expensive


Have a change in
your financial

Major changes might require a completely new will. However, minor additions such as leaving a gift to Rainbows can be made using a separate document called a codicil. Please click here for a simple codicil which you can take to your solicitor.

Never write on your will or you will make it invalid.

Want to change your will?

Download our codicil form by clicking here.

A will is an important legal document and unless you have the necessary expertise it is very easy for complications to arise at a later date. We therefore recommend that you contact a solicitor or professional advisor who can draw up the document according to your wishes - and there are many firms of solicitors who can help you compose or amend your will. A professional advisor will ensure not only that your estate is distributed as you would wish, but also that you have minimised your taxable contribution, leaving more for family, friends and good causes.

At Rainbows we do not recommend a particular firm of solicitors but, for people wishing to choose a solicitor, we do recommend contacting The Law Society. This impartial, independent organisation operates a free ‘Find a Solicitor’ service, which can be contacted using the following details:

Call: 020 7242 1222
Contact Online
Online: The Law Society