Here at Rainbows, we can support families to care for children and young people with a range of conditions that mean they require either invasive or non-invasive long term ventilation, or have other long term health needs, in order for them to gain confidence in caring for their child in a home from home setting. We will help provide any training required by parents to ensure they can care for their child at home.

Children are cared for in a family friendly setting. The children & young people will receive specialist care, including 24 hour nursing and care team members, as well as daily provision of hospice Advanced Clinical Practitioners, who can review if there are any concerns regarding the child or young person. If appropriate, the step down service can include a wide range of therapies including music therapy, physiotherapy, play therapy & complementary therapy. This will depend on the child or young person’s needs.

We will work in collaboration with the child or young person’s family, hospital team, ICB, local agencies, and community nursing teams to ensure a smooth and timely transition of care from hospital to step down to home. We will work with identified agencies to provide training to care workers to ensure safe discharge home.

We have on-site accommodation to enable parents to stay with their child or young person, maintain their family dynamic, and enable access to training and support as required.


We work closely with hospital teams to identify appropriate children and young people for referral to the step down service as well as with local commissioners to secure funding for these placements.

For further information on LTV step down care at Rainbow’s Hospice or to discuss a referral, please contact Emma Grindrod, Lead nurse for Development Step Down and Long Term Ventilation via 01509 638 032 or email [email protected]