Gifts That Give

What do you buy the friend or loved one to shows just how much you really care?

To help you find the answer, take a look at our ‘Gifts that Give’ and help us to raise a smile at Rainbows with the gift that gives twice.

Gifts that Give are a collection of alternative gifts like music therapy, hydrotherapy or a special trip out for our children, young people and their families. You choose the gift that you want to give and we make the memories, it’s that simple.

How it Works

Pick the gift you would like and we will send you a personalised gift tag to give to your family and friends.

The money raised through Gifts that Give will help to fund the care and support that Rainbows provides.

Extra Special Gift Tailored To You

If you’re feeling extra generous, you could consider creating a bespoke gift with us. Why not pay for a day of our care team for £1,925? Our extra special gift can be tailored to your budget and interests. To order your Extra Special Gift please contact Helen on 01509 638026 or email

The money that you and many others spend on Rainbows Gifts that Give will support the full range of care and support that we provide to our families. All of the money from Gifts that Give will be spent on delivering the varied care and support needed by our children, young people and their families. This includes play sessions, arts and crafts, music therapy, hydrotherapy, palliative care, bereavement support and all aspects of care and support when our families need us the most.