Corporate Volunteering

Use your head – lend a hand!

Many companies now offer their employees time during the financial year to spend time volunteering for good causes. In just one day you and your colleagues can make a huge difference!

Not only that, but volunteering as a team can have some real benefits - 

  • It promotes bonding and relationship-building, particularly if the team is made up of different departments who don’t usually work together
  • It demonstrates the organisation’s CSR values and commitment, which can enhance staff retention by building employee morale and loyalty.
  • The team will have a great sense of achievement through doing something for a charity that operates in their local community.
  • It offers the opportunity to learn new skills and build confidence.
  • Better knowledge of Rainbows, its aims and values can make employees more receptive to business fundraising initiatives.
  • The team will leave feeling re-energised, de-stressed and motivated which can greatly increase employee productivity.

Additionally, your company can claim tax relief on the volunteering its employees do – the cost of pay and employers national insurance for the time your team spend volunteering can be included as a business expense.

Opportunities at Rainbows

Sort it out

We always have opportunities in our bespoke ‘sorting room’ – a hive of activity where almost all of the clothes for our charity shops pass through to be sorted into what’s good and what’s not. Channel your inner Trinny and Susannah and help our shops at the same time. For groups of up to 6

The great outdoors

Each year we have bespoke opportunities in our gardens and external areas of the hospice. These are typically available from April-September, when the weather is (hopefully) dry enough to work outside.

As the opportunities are so different and irregular, we can’t say specifically here what it is you’ll be doing – what we can promise is that it will be unique!

If you’re interested in hearing about opportunities for volunteering outside, please get in touch. For groups of up to 10