Physiotherapy at Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People

Physiotherapy is available (as appropriate) to all babies, children and young people at Rainbows to help with a vast range of symptoms and therapeutic needs. 

Here at Rainbows we have two qualified Chartered Physiotherapists, that work as part of our multi-disciplinary team. Expert palliative physiotherapy advice and input can be sought from them to help support the children and young people’s ongoing care and therapeutic needs.

Our physiotherapists are involved in the development of delivery of holistic physiotherapy techniques and support for the children and young people, the production of individual physiotherapy care plans and the delivery of training to Rainbows staff. 

Our physiotherapists also help to ensure appropriate therapeutic equipment and resources are available within the hospice for the children and young people during their stays – whether this be for respite, symptom control or end of life care. We also support the use of children’s own equipment here and liaise closely with community and hospital therapists to ensure continuity of care between settings.

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