Support and counselling

Medical support

Rainbows has medical support comprised of a medical director who is an experienced GP with many years of children’s palliative care experience and a team of local GPs, all of whom have been working with Rainbows for many years and are available for all children/young people as necessary 24 hours a day as well as visiting or contacting the hospice every day. We seek to work in partnership with medical teams already providing care to the child/young person and family.

Our Medical Director, Sat Jassal, is always happy to discuss a child or young person’s medical care with his or her current medical team if requested.

Bereavement support

The death of a child is widely held to be one of the most devastating experiences we can face. Living through grief can feel lonely and bewildering. To lose a child however short or long our relationship has been, can leave us feeling incomplete and unable to face the future. Rainbows is committed to providing long term bereavement support to the whole family. 

Our bereavement suite enables families to be with their children for several days after they have died. Families can stay at the hospice during this time. Our Family Support Team is available to assist with funeral arrangement and other practical support.  

We provide ongoing emotional support at home at the hospice and over the phone. Bereavement counselling is available as well as support groups. Rainbows Remembrance Day and our Remembrance Garden provides space and time for families to pause and reflect.

Families don’t get over the death of a child. However, they can find ways of living with the loss. Rainbows Bereavement Support provides opportunities for families to explore new ways of living while holding on to precious memories of their children.