Have you got unwanted goods that are looking for a new home? Recently had a clear out and looking to throw things away? Look no further because we’ll take it from here! Scroll down to see how we can make use of things you no longer need and how this will help to support our families.


Recycling Challenge

Could you home one of our Rainbows donation boxes? All you have to do is ask your lovely staff to bring in bagged items and drop them in. We will provide a poster and suggested e-mail template for you to send out to your staff on how the project works and what we would like them to donate.

This campaign is a great help to us to collect much needed stock for our shops. Each bag raises, on average, £12 – a really simple way to help us raise vital funds. Whether you’re a team of 3 or 300, you could help make a huge difference by filling a bin with your unwanted items.

Foreign Currency Collection

This scheme couldn’t be easier. Simply send us your unwanted, leftover foreign currency and we can exchange it to pounds to help care for our children, young people and their families.

You could set up a collection box in the office and send it over to us at the end of the year after everyone has enjoyed their lovely holidays!

Give a Car

Looking at providing new company cars for your employees or have had old ones returned to you from previous employees? Or perhaps you have a personal car you no longer need? You can auction or scrap your cars using GiveaCar and help support Rainbows with the proceeds.

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To find out more about either of these initiatives, email our Corporate Team.