Payroll Giving

Cheque presentation outside at Rainbows Hospice

What if we told you there was a way of donating to Rainbows that cost you less but gave us more? What if we told you it was really easy to do with minimal set up or ongoing maintenance? What if this way of donating also gave your company the opportunity of winning awards and achieving national recognition?

Well, we’d be telling the truth – it’s called Payroll Giving. 

Payroll Giving is a simple way of donating to Rainbows through your pay cheque every month. It’s also tax efficient, as the donation is taken out before tax is applied, meaning you save at least 20% on your donation - see the table below. 

Your pledge - What Rainbows receive Cost to standard 20% taxpayer Cost to higher 40% taxpayer
£5 £4 £3
£10 £8 £6
£15 £12 £9

It’s also really easy to set up, we don’t even need your bank details! To find out more, please get in touch with us. 

Payroll Giving works best if lots of people do it – Dollar UK, a supporter based in Nottingham, are one of several companies to launch the idea to their staff. 

They told us – “After various fundraising activities this was a natural step for us to take, giving our employees the opportunity to choose to donate on a regular basis to Rainbows Hospice, particularly for the colleagues who don’t want to take part in events but still want to support Rainbows. To make it work the company has to sign up with a Payroll Giving Agency which is really easy to do - we decided to work with one called Charitable Giving, but there are lots of others to choose from.

We know that our employee’s donations will make a significant difference to all the children and young people under Rainbows’ care for years to come.” 

Why not set up your own internal salary donation scheme?

If your company doesn’t want to register with a Payroll Giving Agency, they still might be able to do something internally through their own payroll system. Because this occurs after tax, you won’t benefit from any savings as described above, but if a number of you take part it’s a great way for the company to make a monthly donation rather than lots of colleagues all setting up an individual direct debit.

Try talking nicely to your finance department if you think this might be possible!

A number of companies already support Rainbows in this way, some for many years, including Bigdog, Cross and Sansom, and MQP – we’re very grateful to these companies and their employees for their generosity.