Young Nancy gives to Rainbows

A young Nottingham fundraiser has donated £900 to us after giving up birthday gifts for the past two years.

Last year, nine-year-old Nancy Fox decided she didn’t need presents from the guests at her birthday party. Instead, she asked for donations for us and raised £500. She was so delighted with her achievement, she repeated the heart-warming gesture in November this year and raised a further £400.

Nancy was inspired to support our charity after she heard a presentation about our hospice at her school, Nottingham Girls High School. 

Nancy said: “I would love for every child to go without presents once in a lifetime and use the money to help a charity like Rainbows.”

Parents Kim and Shaun are extremely proud of their daughter. “It is incredible what she does,” said Kim. “She says she doesn’t need 30 toys so close to Christmas and the money can go to a better cause. When she did it once, we thought it was a lovely thing to do. To do it again was all her idea and she is also trying to encourage others to do the same.”

Ali Furlong, Community Fundraiser at Rainbows, said: “What Nancy has done for Rainbows is absolutely fantastic. She has been incredibly generous and her donation will really make a difference to the children, young people and families who we care for. 

“At Rainbows, we rely on donations to continue to open our doors and fundraisers like Nancy are truly remarkable. She has helped to put a smile on many faces this Christmas and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts.”