“The character of the Nurse is as important as the knowledge she possesses.” Carolyn Jones

I thought I would start my blog with a quote that really stood out to me. From a very young age I wanted to be an Air Hostess or a Nurse, it’s a good job I choose the latter as back in the old days you had to be a certain height to be an air hostess (I’m only 5’2). 

I trained as a Learning Disability Nurse 25 years ago. Anyone who knows me will vouch for my compulsion to talk A LOT. I pride myself on my communication skills so was drawn to Learning Disability Nursing. 

15 years ago, I applied for a Bank Nurse post at Rainbows. I loved the first few shifts I worked, so convinced management they would benefit from hiring a permanent Learning Disability Nurse. 13 years on I have gained so many new skills. Being part of the Long-Term Vented Team has been one of my greatest achievements, alongside working with the Training Team in delivering basic life support training. The most important skills however, have been learning how to do things such as wheelchair painting, making music out of literally anything, dressing up as a Princess in the middle of the night to comfort a child, doing a drug round in a tiara and fairy wings. The list is never ending. No two shifts are ever the same, just like no two families are the same. 

Rainbows is a very unique place that allows staff to adapt in order to provide the care and services that our families, children and young people require to enable them to fulfil their wishes and needs. 

I have recently taken on the role as Admissions Nurse which involves visiting new families in their home or hospital to gather as much information about the child/young person before their admission to Rainbows. My favourite part of my job is getting to meet the amazing families, children and young people we care for. 

Rainbows is one of the few places that can allow parents to be parents and not carers, even if only for a short time. Being part of an organisation that helps to put smiles on people’s faces through the toughest of times is the main reason that after all these years I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say “I love being a nurse at Rainbows”.

Adele Postance