Where’s it Bin’ campaign continues

Have you met Barry, Bertie and Betty yet?

They’re the 3 bins who make up our ‘Where’s it Bin?’ Campaign. Yes, we named them!

Since we started the campaign last September, we’ve raised over £7,500 just from clothing, toys and other saleable items that people didn’t want. They’ve been all around the East Midlands and in January they were treated to a stay at Nottingham Forest Football Club!

The winners at Christmas were Thermo Fisher Scientific (Loughborough) and Tarmac Ltd (Syston) who both donated an amazing total of over 145 bags each!

We’re going to announce our next winners at Easter – if you haven’t taken part yet, check out the page here – www.rainbows.co.uk/business-bin 

A huge thank you to all the companies who have taken part so far and also thanks for the continued support from several companies who have had the bins back in the new year already!