TV presenter Anne Davies urges people to support our latest stock campaign

“Losing a stone was easy, I just gave it away.” is the message from TV presenter and Rainbows Patron Anne Davies as she urges people to support us.

Today, Anne has helped Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People to launch a stock donation campaign – I lost a stone in a day, the Rainbows Way. We want people to donate their clothes to our shops across the East Midlands losing excess weight quickly by shedding all of those heavy garments.

We need people to clear out their wardrobes and donate unwanted clothes to our shops in Matlock, Melton, Market Harborough, Beeston or Blaby or direct to the hospice in Loughborough.

Anne, who became a Rainbows Patron last June, was delighted to back the campaign and hand over a bag of her unwanted garments. She said: “As people often want a fresh start in the new year, it’s an ideal time to have a clear out of your wardrobe. Even a clothing hoarder like me finds it very therapeutic sorting out cupboards and it’s wonderful to know that I can help Rainbows by donating the clothes I no longer wear. It is so easy to get involved with this stock drive and I challenge as many people as possible across the East Midlands to fill a bag of clothes and drop it in to Rainbows.”

Donating clothes worth £10 could help to fund two days’ worth of oxygen for a child, £25 could help fund one hour of physiotherapy and clothes worth £50 could go towards one day of care for a child or young person.

Karen Bilsby, head of retail at Rainbows, added: “For an easy way to lose weight and a simple way of helping the hospice, give us your unwanted clothes. You don’t need to give us any money, just items that you don’t wear anymore. In fact, we can get even more money on your clothes if you Gift Aid your donation. As Anne says, it is a great way to shed unwanted pounds, which will make pounds for the hundreds of families we support and help us to keep running our hospice, which is a lifeline for so many families.”

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