Rainbows Trustees take on a challenge

Trustees from Rainbows stepped up to new challenges as part of national Trustees’ Week.

Four of our Trustees were given tasks to complete at our hospice, to give them a better insight of what our Care Team and Fundraising Team do on a daily basis.

For Dave Wilson, his challenge was about learning more about what the young adults get up to when they visit our hospice. He took on 22-year-old Jordan for a game of FIFA on one of our brand new Xbox series X.

Dave said: “I arrived at the hospice with a nervousness as I had not played FIFA for some time. I was given a lesson and lost as expected. It was great fun and it was inspiring to see how the facilities have a huge impact on the lives of our children and young people. I need more practise and will be ready for the next game.”

Sue Drydon and Angela Browning were next up to complete a fundraising task. They went head to head with Nicola Richardson, one of our Community Fundraisers, and Lesley Cutts, our Family Liaison Marketing Officer, to see who could prepare collection buckets and put up one of our mobile banners in the quickest time.

“The challenge was fun, and I really enjoyed chatting with members of staff and learning more about their roles, why they are so passionate about Rainbows and the difference we make every day for families,” said Angela. “Our fundraisers work so hard but the children clearly make it all worthwhile. It was heart-warming and made me think about what my next fundraising challenge might be.”

Sue added: “It was great fun, especially meeting a member of the team I didn’t previously know, and hats off to the fundraising team who put the banners up time and time again.”

Richard’s challenge saw him join our Long Term Ventilation Nurse, Steph Watson. Steph taught Richard how to provide suction to a dummy with a tracheostomy. He said: “Steph was a very patient and knowledgeable teacher but I was still glad to only be practising on a medical dummy.”

You can watch the videos of these challenges via our YouTube channel.