Thinking outside the box(es…)

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Because of some exciting building projects at the hospice, we’re really short of storage at present. To make that worse, we also had a delivery of some new merchandise and nowhere to store it!

We needn’t have worried, however, as a local long term supporter of ours has given over some warehouse space to help.

L’isolante K-Flex, who manufacture insulation products and BevEx Ltd, who manufacture dispense products for the beverage industry, have given over part of their floor space so that we can store the boxes of merchandise safely until the work at the hospice is completed.

As well as the space they also donated their time, as we were ably assisted by the trio pictured above in front of some of the Rainbows boxes – (L-R) Steve, Geoff (AKA Godfrey) and Brian, who helped unload and palletise the delivery.

This support follows the latest donation of £500, an annual donation which has seen the total fundraising support for the hospice pass £2,500.

A huge thanks to everyone at K-Flex / BevEx for their continued help and support!