Rainbows welcomes positive charity shop research

Research carried out by a leading think tank showing that charity shops boost the high street has been welcomed by us.

Rainbows, which has shops in Forge Corner, Blaby; Sherrard Street, Melton; and Firs Parade, Matlock, has praised the report by Demos, released last week.

The report states there is no evidence that the growth of charity shops is causing high street decline, in fact it is the opposite. Its findings reveal charity shops are exerting a stabilising influence on ailing high streets – maintaining footfall, catering to specific local needs, and filling shops that would otherwise be empty. It is also suggested that they can prevent increases in crime and anti-social behaviour by occupying vacant premises.

Karen Bilsby, head of retail at Rainbows Hospice, said: “It is great to see this report out there. Charity shops often fall target of bad publicity, which is undeserved as we do such a great job.

“It is really nice to see evidence which backs up what charity shops collectively have been saying for years. It shows that we are boosting high streets rather than being detrimental as well as providing lots of opportunities for volunteers. Overall charity shops have been shown to be having a positive impact on the community.

“In the past year, our shops have proven very popular and we have been made to feel very welcome and supported by the community. I would like to appeal to people who have never been in one of the Rainbows’ shops to come in and see what we do; I think you will be surprised.”

For more information about our shops and how you can get involved, visit www.rainbows.co.uk/shops