Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People has two reasons to celebrate as it won awards for Fundraising Team of the Year and Best Creative Use of Media at the Together for Short Lives conference.

The conference brought together fundraisers and communicators from children’s hospices all over the UK, along with experts to help hospices raise funds and their profiles. Four awards were given out at a gala dinner and of these Rainbows won two.

The Fundraising Team was nominated by Julie Macauley, Family Liaison Officer, on behalf of the Rainbows’ Care Team. She said: “Our fundraising team could have been nominated for all of the hard work they do to achieve their fundraising targets every year, but what makes them really special is all the extra work they do to help us create memories for the children, young people and their families. They make everything special and to us they’re not just fundraisers, they’re part of our team. That’s why we nominated them as the Fundraising Team of the Year!”

Patricia Brookes, Director of Fundraising at Rainbows, said: “To say we are thrilled with these awards would be an understatement. At Rainbows we know what great employees and volunteers we have, but it is heartening to see that others recognise this too.

“The award for creative use of media was particularly pleasing as I know the marketing team put a lot of work into using new media to reach more supporters without spending a lot of funds. They managed to reach millions of people in the East Midlands, increase our contacts by 12,000 and make a huge improvement to online income.”