Rainbows needs people to support Christmas Appeal

Staff at Rainbows have launched their Christmas Appeal in the hope of raising much needed funds at this difficult time.

Across the East Midlands, we care for over 450 youngsters; most of whom are facing an incredibly difficult Christmas as the pandemic has made them more isolated than before.

Having had to cancel almost all of our fundraising events this year and being forced to close our charity shops again as a result of the second lockdown, fundraising has also taken a huge hit.

Julie Taylor, Executive Nurse and Director of Clinical Operations, said: “We’ve all lost a
lot this year and it’s been especially tough of course in and around the East Midlands. But for the families we care for it has been simply catastrophic. Our hospice building has been closed to all children except those needing emergency crisis care; or those needing end-of-life care during their final days. We’ve moved mountains to take our care and support out into homes around our community, but as you can imagine it has been so hard for everyone.

“Children we’ve known and cared for for years just don’t understand why we can’t give them a hug, and why we have to hide our smile behind a mask. Rainbows’ care is crucial to so many families. For many, the only time parents can relax, have a break from the constant care needs their child has is when we’re there.”

People have been very kind in supporting Rainbows throughout this year. But as we approach Christmas, we are still feeling the loss of the fundraising local people would have done during the last eight months, and we are calling on people to support our Christmas Appeal.

We need help to pay for the costs of care that our incredible team provide to children and their families. It costs £69 for one of our Family Support Workers to drive out and spend a couple of hours with a family who are struggling at home alone. They’re there to answer questions, give advice and support to give them the best chance of coping over Christmas. 

An hour of our expert nursing care over the holidays, giving a child peace during their final days, will cost £36. 

“I know from years of working with families like these that Christmas and the holiday season becomes just so important,” added Julie. “It’s a goal for so many families, a moment to be treasured, another milestone achieved. This Christmas will be different, harder, more isolating. And yet, for many, we know their child’s condition means it’s likely to be their last Christmas together.

“Covid means we cannot throw open our hospice’s doors as we usually do. But that doesn’t mean we’re not determined to give every child the best care, and the most love and fun, we can this Christmas. Far from it, but we are going to need your help this year.”

To support Rainbows’ Christmas Appeal, visit rainbows.co.uk/christmas or call 01509 638 049