Rainbows needs people to get wet, wild and muddy for a new challenge

We need people to join a Mudnificent 7 obstacle event on Saturday 17 August which has a special section for those taking part in aid of our charity.

We guarantee participants will be happy as pigs in muck taking on seven obstacles over the 7km course. Nancy Lillington, Rainbows’ Events Manager, said: “Mudnificent 7 is the perfect event for those looking to challenge themselves while having a laugh with friends, family and colleagues.

“The amazing course is split into seven different zones where you will run, climb and swim. Each zone is organised by a different event company and each coming with a different theme. There really is no other Rainbows event like this.

“At 2.15pm there will be a special section for Rainbows participants and we need you to join us in a special sea of colour.”

We are offering free places for the event when supporters, who must be over 14, pledge to raise a minimum of £100 sponsorship. 

For more information, contact Nancy on [email protected] or 01509 283917.