Rainbows benefits from life-changing technology thanks to donation

Rainbows is to benefit from a range of life-changing technology thanks to a charity donation.

The package, worth around £46,000, was made to our hospice by Lifelites – a charity working with children’s hospice services by donating the latest assistive and inclusive technology to enrich lives.

The package included a Music Soundbeam 6, a device that translates movement into sounds and two PODs sensory play tents with colourful lights and relaxing music, stories and sounds to either provide a calm or stimulating environment.

There were also four iPads; waterproof GoPro cameras to enable a child or young person to make their own films, and photobooks along with adaptive switches and power packs to connect everyday electrical items and three compatible toys. Rainbows’ Mobile Magic Carpet, which enables children to play with interactive images projected onto a surface and was donated four years ago, has also been refurbished.

Our Play Specialist Lynda said: “We have been receiving these packages for many years and we can’t thank Lifelites enough. Technology is vital for everyone we care for at Rainbows as it enables them to do things they often can’t, as well as enriching their sensory experiences in engaging and meaningful ways.”

Lifelites Chief Executive Rob Lightfoot added: “We are delighted to continue our partnership with Rainbows. As the needs of the children and families using their services change and become more complex, Lifelites has responded by providing an extensive package of the latest assistive technology. With over 20 years’ experience, we know that these technologies will empower children and young people with life-limiting conditions to engage and interact with the people they love and enjoy the world they live in. We hope that this support helps them to create many joyful memories.”