Rainbows CEO scales Great Wall of China and raises over £5,000

Our CEO Dee Sissons walked for up to 10 hours a day in temperatures of 35 degrees, reaching heights of 1,400 metres to complete the challenge of a lifetime by scaling the Great Wall of China.

Last month, Dee took on our 25th anniversary China Trek with her husband, Mick. For nine days, the couple were part of a group trekking across one of the Wonders of the World. Dee and Mick have raised £5,000 for us. Along with another group member, it is expected that over £6,000 will be raised.

“It was the most amazing thing I have ever done and the biggest physical challenge I have ever undertaken. I am so proud of what I have achieved,” said Dee. “It was incredible to stand there and see the wall snaking up and downhill for miles and miles.

“But it was tough, the heat was unusual for that time of the year and that made it really hard. At one point, I thought I couldn’t go on. It was so steep and I was exhausted and in tears. But I pushed on, and what kept me going was the fact that the children and young people at Rainbows would never get that opportunity. I was doing it for them and all of those people who had sponsored me.

“During the trek, I had a lot of time for reflection and it made me think; the Great Wall of China was built to support those who were vulnerable. The children and young people and their families who we support at Rainbows are vulnerable and my challenge was nothing like the challenge those families face on a daily basis. I have the most amazing job in the world and this is one of the ways I can give something back.”

Nancy Lillington, Rainbows Events Manager, added: “This has been a wonderful experience for those who took part and I would like to thank them for all of their hard work and fundraising. Without our supporters, we couldn’t run our hospice and I hope people are encouraged to sign up to one of our future challenges.”

People can still add to Dee’s fund by visiting www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rainbows25thanniversarychinatrek2019

To find out more about a Rainbows Challenge, which includes treks to Snowdon and Mount Kilimanjaro, visit rainbows.co.uk/challenges