Loughborough mum’s challenge raises over £1,000 for Rainbows

A sweet fundraising idea set up by a Loughborough mum to raise money for Rainbows has smashed its £1,000 target.

Last March, Alison Birkin came up with the Biskitty Challenge, encouraging people to save used biscuit wrappers which can be recycled to raise money for us.

Not only did people help to surpass the fundraising target, the scheme also scooped a second place award from McVities and Terracycle, a national competition, for collecting the most wrappers.

Alison said: “’I am thrilled that collecting people’s rubbish can raise such a huge amount for Rainbows. People love the idea as it doesn’t cost them anything to do, and it is also environmentally friendly. I have had great support from the community and we have had lots of businesses and groups get involved from cafes, hairdressers, nursing homes, schools, scouts, guides, WI, conference centres etc. People have told me they are determined to raise another £1,000 in 2015, which is just fantastic.”

Alison supports us because her daughter Chloe Flanders (20) benefits from respite care at the hospice.

Money raised through the Biskitty Challenge helps us to support children and young people like Chloe. Chloe was diagnosed with a severe form of Childhood Idiopathic Primary Dystonia – a movement disorder that leads to painful involuntary sustained muscle spasms and involuntary movements – which affected every function of her body.

Chloe endured Deep Brain Stimulation, pioneering surgery which helped bring her symptoms under more control. She has a battery pack inside her chest which constantly sends electrical impulses to the part of the brain which controls movements to block out the signals which cause the symptoms of Dystonia. But her family never know when her symptoms will come back or in what force.

Katie Baxter, head of community and events at Rainbows, added: “Alison has done an amazing job and her dedication to Rainbows is just fantastic. It really is a simple challenge that everyone can get involved in just by putting the wrappers aside rather than in the bin. We wouldn’t be able to run our hospice without the support of people like Alison and we thank her so much for her devotion.”

An average biscuit wrapper weighs around 2.4 grams, which is worth two pence. Inner individual wrappers and outer wrappers of any sweet biscuit are accepted, excluding foil and paper.

Posting the wrappers is free by requesting a pre-paid postage label. For more information on how to get involved or to request a pre-paid label, visit http://on.fb.me/1qsyfxg, by searching for ‘Biskitty Challenge’ on Facebook, or email [email protected]