Lincolnshire 80 year-old cycles 800 miles

An Ulceby cyclist rode 800 miles over eight days to celebrate his 80th birthday.

Roger Hobby took on the challenge at the end of July and has now donated £1,026 to our hospice.

Roger, who has cycled all of his life and represented Great Britain, was proud to have raised funds for our charity. “I love children and I love Rainbows,” he said. “It is such a super charity and the work it does is incredible.

“I also really enjoyed my challenge and decided to do it because it seemed natural to go for eight days and ride 800 miles to mark turning 80.”

At the age of 75, Roger replicated a ride he did when his two children were teenagers with fond memories. “We were going on holiday to Wales and we had so much luggage that two of us couldn’t get in the car so we rode the distance and it was 750 miles,” he said. “So I did this again when I was 75. This year, it seemed fitting this year to go the extra mile, or 50.”

Roger’s route saw him take on local routes using “back” roads, riding into the wind.

“The weather wasn’t very kind to me and for five days I got completely soaked,” he said. “But as a sportsman, you know it will get hard and you know you will get through it. I committed myself and I didn’t want to fail. I am lucky that I am a good endurance person.

“I have been a cyclist all of my life. I started when I was 15 and rode to a good level. I have worn a national jersey and I have coached for 50 years.”

Roger is also a poet and plans to raise money from the words he creates. “I plan to select 30 poems and make a book and I will donate the money from the sale of these to Rainbows”, he said. “I started writing poems because one year, I didn’t have an anniversary present for my wife, Susan, so I wrote her a poem.”

Kerry Laurie, Rainbows Community Fundraiser, added: “We are so thankful to Roger for taking on such a mammoth and fantastic challenge for our charity. It was no mean feat and Roger is such a professional and a gentleman, he makes it look easy. His fundraising will make such a difference to the lives of so many babies, children and young people who we support from Lincolnshire.”

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