Hospice young adults hit the right note with music CD

A group of young people with life limiting illnesses have overcome their own personal challenges to record a song about their journey and although it’s not being released, they joke it is worthy of a Christmas number one. 

The Perfect 10, as they have dubbed themselves, all attend the weekly young adult social group at Rainbows, which takes place every Wednesday at our hospice. The aim of the group is to enable independence, provide positive experiences and opportunities for the young people and to ensure they have someone to talk to. During their sessions, they have written, recorded and marketed their own CD.

Now to celebrate their success and create a memorable day for the young people, HMV arranged for the group, like true rock stars, to take part at a signing session at its store in High Street, Leicester on Wednesday 12 December. The Perfect 10 signed postcards and people could make donations to Rainbows.

Rainbows Youth Worker Stacey Curzon facilitates the sessions. She said: “Making a CD is an incredible achievement. But more importantly it is about the group having a voice, sharing a bit of who they are and what Rainbows means to them. Many of them have overcome huge personal challenges to contribute to the project.”

The debut song entitled “A Rainbows State Of Mind”, celebrates their friendship and banter within the group. They have compiled personal sayings from their weekly get-togethers to make their voices heard. The song took six weeks to complete with support of our staff, and our music therapist who encouraged and enabled the group to express themselves creatively. 

Stacey added: “The idea was never to sell or make money from the CD, it’s always been about the experience of working together and learning new skills.  

“People outside of the group may not understand all of the content, the humour behind the quotes or what it means to the lads personally but it opens the door for people to ask. The CD is the voice of the young adult social group; it is their story, the laughs that they have shared, the bond they have formed and the barriers that they have had to overcome as a result of their condition and disability. 

“In addition to sounds and lyrics, which reflect their time with the young adult social group, there is also a stronger message about their lives. The song includes the line “Beyond the world of wheels life is not defined” and this piece of music highlights exactly that. The CD is a reflection of the journey that they have had together, some of the social challenges that they have overcome and the friendships they have formed. 

The 10 young adults involved in writing, preforming and producing the CD were Brandon Fick, Declan Spencer, Elliott Mears, James Page, Drew Wright, Warren Wilson, Dominic Davis, Nathan Erwin, James Betts and James Parkin. 

Sadly Nathan died in May before the launch of the single. The group want this to be a lasting tribute to Nathan and the times they have shared together. 

James Page, said: “The CD is a bit like life – you have to get on with it and that’s what we did. And we had fun too.”

His thoughts were echoed by James Betts who said he was pleased to be involved in something that they had been able to see through from start to finish and made him feel worthwhile. “It feels like a good achievement – and it shows that Rainbows is not a sad place,” he added.

Andy Wilkinson, HMV Leicester Store Manager, added: “We are extremely pleased to support Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People and we know only too well that music is hugely important in helping children and young people to express their feelings and to provide them with comfort and reassurance when they need it most. Music makes us all feel good and can be a fantastic way to help us forget life’s ordeals and share positivity with each other.”