The High Sheriff of Leicestershire visits Rainbows

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The children and young people at our hospice were delighted to welcome Tim Maxted, the High Sheriff of Leicestershire earlier this week.

Mr Maxted toured the facilities and met with our children, young people and staff. He visited Rainbows to find out more about our work and ways he, and other businesses across the East Midlands, could support us.

Mr Maxted, who is also Chairman and CEO of Berkeley Insurance Group, said: “Rainbows is an incredible place and very impressive. There is always so much progression and the people there are always thinking for the future and ways to develop what is a great, great place. I think a lot of people don’t understand the remit and the levels of service. And what surprises people the most, is the geography and the reach. It is not just for people in Leicestershire, it is much more than that and we need to stretch the support across the East Midlands.”

David Strudley, CEO of Rainbows, added: “We were honoured to welcome Mr Maxted to Rainbows and were thrilled to showcase our wonderful facilities. We were very impressed at the deep interest he showed in everything and were equally impressed by his knowledge of the hospice.

“We’re delighted to hear of his support of volunteers and volunteering and look forward to working with him to foster his ideas of young people becoming volunteers.”