Happy birthday to Loughborough Rainbows shop

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People in Loughborough joined staff and volunteers at the Rainbows shop to help them celebrate their first birthday today (6th).

The Rainbows shop in Cattle Market, pulled out all of the stops to mark its first anniversary in the town. To celebrate the occasion, a party was held and locals were invited to join in the fun. Rainbows mascot Bow Bear got in to the party spirit and the first 50 customers that made a purchase were given a free cupcake.

To date, the Rainbows Loughborough shop has served around 115,000 people since it was opened a year ago by Neil Back MBE.

Lucinda Hardy, Shop Manager, said: “We would like to thank every single person in Loughborough who has bought something, donated unwanted goods or volunteered their time to help make the store a success. Without your support, we would not be able to keep raising valuable funds needed to run the hospice.

“This first year has flown by and the support of the Loughborough community has been incredible. We have met some wonderful people and it is fantastic to be part of our hometown. Thank you to everyone who joined in with our celebrations.”