Handbag Amnesty

You can help raise much needed funds for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People by taking part in the Handbag Amnesty. Set your handbags free to be loved by someone else and make room for great new ones in support of your local Children’s Hospice.

We ask ladies to donate handbags (& purses) in good condition, ones they think somebody else will want to buy. These bags are then sold at various events with 100% of what is paid going directly to Rainbows.

Donations of lovely bags in good condition are always welcome but the priority is to raise funds by arranging lots of selling events right across the region. Could you join in by organising your own Handbag Amnesty fundraiser? Perhaps a Coffee Morning or Afternoon Tea Party? Lunchtime at work or a few glasses of wine with friends one evening?

It really couldn’t be simpler. We can support your event with helpful advice, tips on display, ideas…everything you’ll need. We can supply stocks of great bags individually priced up & ready to be sold. Then after the event just return the remaining bags along with any extras that have been donated by your friends & colleagues.