Five reasons to shop in the five Rainbows shops

There’s no denying that charity shops can be a treasure trove. Packed with hidden gems – from clothes and accessories, to toys, books and games – all at great prices. It’s no wonder that charity shops are becoming increasingly popular.

For those who haven’t yet stepped into one of the five Rainbows shops (and for those who are regular visitors), here’s five great reasons to shop with Rainbows…

Unique style

We all have our own individual and unique style – by shopping in charity shops, you’re able to find those quirky and different items of clothing and accessories. Whether it’s something a bit retro or left field, your look is high street fashion or you prefer timeless elegance, the range of donations we receive is that varied there’s always something to take your fancy – whatever your style.

Pop into your nearest Rainbow shop today and see for yourself!

Grab a bargain

As mentioned in a previous post, it’s possible (and happens more often than not) that you can pop into a Rainbows shop, pick up a whole outfit and spend less than £20 – now there’s not many places where you could do that.

In fact, it’s possible to buy an outfit, such as the one below, from as little as £10.

Range of goods

From clothes and shoes, to toys, books, homewares and much more, the array of items available in the Rainbows shops is endless – and that’s before we talk about the selection of new gifts.

Within the wide selection of goods available, there’s an incredible array of brands… from your favourite high street names to designer labels!

Every item has a story

All donated items in the Rainbows shops have a story to tell. Did they travel the world on exotic holidays? Were they worn during a romantic proposal? While we may not always know these stories, they are ready to start new ones with you – beginning with you telling your friends and family when they complement you on your new top, jacket or bag; how you found it in a charity shop.

Just imagine how great it’ll feel, almost bragging, that the outfit you’re getting complimented on cost only a fraction of what it would do from one of the big High Street stores – and that by buying it, you’ve helped Rainbows. Now that’s a story worth telling!
And perhaps the best reason of all…

You’re helping local children and young people

Surely the main reason to shop in one of the Rainbows shops is to help the charity – and more importantly the children and young people?

With every purchase, you’re helping to support Rainbows and everything they do. Every time you buy something from one of their shops, you’re helping to brighten short lives and make magical memories for the children and young people.

With shops in Blaby, Beeston, Loughborough, Market Harborough and Melton Mowbray wherever you are in the East Midlands you’ll never be too far from a Rainbows shop. Pop into your nearest and see for yourself the wide range of products available and how you can update your wardrobe for less.