Eight-year-old Rubik’s whizz raises money for Rainbows

A smiling girl holding a Rubik's Cube

An eight-year-old girl who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 75 seconds is using her skills to raise money for Rainbows.

Olivia Ledger, of Northamptonshire, has always been a fan of puzzles, Sudoku and solving maths problems. 

“Anyone that knows Olivia well knows how much she loves a challenge,” said Mum Lucy. “When she asked her Dad how she could complete a Rubik’s Cube, I knew she meant business. My husband, Wayne, and Olivia spent hours researching how to solve the cube using algorithms.”

Within a couple of weeks, Olivia had cracked it. She now wants to raise money for us so will be taking part in two events at Wootton Community Centre. 

Between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 2 October and from 9.30am on Monday 25 October, Olivia will taking on the Rubik’s Challenge sweepstake. People can choose the time they think it will take Olivia to solve the Rubik’s Cube by making a donation, of any amount, to our charity. 

Lucy said: “Olivia has always been saying she wanted to raise money for charity so we looked at children’s charities and decided on Rainbows. It is such a fabulous cause and Olivia is hoping to raise around £100.”

We are the only charity that cares for babies, children and young people from Northamptonshire with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses. Only receiving around 15% of government funding, we rely on donations from supporters to be there for those families who need it.

Olivia said: “I love learning new things, each step took a while to remember and I found step five quite tricky to do, it took lots of practise but I was determined to do it so I kept on trying. I am looking forward to raising money for Rainbows.” 

Olivia’s sister, 11-year-Isabelle, will be also be supporting us by helping to organise the fundraising event.

Jenny Perry, Rainbows Community Fundraiser, added: “I am amazed at how quickly Olivia can complete a Rubik’s Cube at such a young age, it really is remarkable. We would like to thank Olivia and her family for supporting us and we hope that people will take part in the Rubik’s Challenge and raise vital funds for Rainbows.”