Dying Matters Awareness Week, running from 10 – 16 May 2021, is a chance for coalition partners, organisations and individuals to come together and open up the conversation around death, dying and bereavement.

In this article David Hamilton our Psychological & Bereavement Lead reflects on what he has learned from Bereaved families:

Following the Love

At Rainbows we aim to help families live life to the full, there is energy, fun and laughter at the hospice and out in the community. Life at times is also brutally interrupted by death, energy, fun and laughter quickly morphing into fatigue, devastation and tears.

The death of a child is often referred to as the worst loss cutting through and radically changing perception of the world for families. I hear people say “how do families survive this type of bereavement”?  

I don’t know the answer as I have not experienced the death of a child. I have however learned from bereaved families who I have had the privileged to work with. This is the most important thing that they have taught me, LOVE.

 When somebody dies we don’t stop loving them, indeed we may love them even more as we long to see and hold them. It’s this loving connection which runs deep in the heart of family’s, stretching wide into the future. Grief is a form of love, families survive and grow form this place of a deep child shaped love which is always part of them.  Their child is not left behind but becomes integral to their future as they follow where love may take them.

Rainbows Bereavement Support

Rainbows provides a range of bereavement support services.

  • 1-1 support at home in the hospice or over the phone or internet
  • Bereaved Parents Group
  • Bereaved Sibling support
  • Counselling
  • Remembrance events
  • Remembrance Garden 

If your family is known to Rainbows and feel you would like support please do call the hospice (on 01509 638 000) and ask for a member of the Family Support Team.