Dream Rides spin cash for Rainbows

An organisation which offers “Dream Rides” for motor enthusiasts has raised £44,000 for Rainbows.

Sporting Bears Motor Club has been supporting our charity since 2008 and has just handed over its most recent donation of £9,300.

Set up in 1989, Sporting Bears Motor Club, and its members, visit motor shows with their classic cars. People can then choose a car they would like to be taken for a spin in and make a donation for their Dream Ride.

Alan Moss, chairman of the Sporting Bears Motor Club, said: “As we are a motor club and not a business, we don’t charge for our Dream Rides but we ask people to make a donation. The British public are very generous and we find they are always happy to support charities, especially ones like Rainbows, and 100 percent of all of our donations go to the charities.

“Our group is also very proud to be involved with Rainbows. Some of us have visited the hospice and it is very close to our hearts. And our drivers, who provide the Dream Rides, do so out of their own pockets. They don’t charge for fuel or the upkeep of the cars. We are delighted to have raised so much money over the years.”

Sporting Bears Motor Club hold around 50 events a year across the country and support many children’s hospices and charities.

Nicola Richardson, Rainbows Community Fundraiser, added: “It is wonderful to have the backing of Sporting Bears Motor Club. Without the support of groups like this, we wouldn’t be able to open our doors for the families who need us so much. Their donations are very much appreciated, and it is lovely that they can provide such a great experience to so many people.”