Derby’s first ever Bubble Rush is heading to Markeaton Park

The event, organised by Rainbows, takes place on Sunday 24 September.  Participants will take on a 5k run through walls of colourful bubble stations along the route. We hope the event will raise around £30,000 for our work.

Twenty-year-old Bridie Gutteridge has Glutaric Aciduria Type 1, a rare condition where the body can’t break down certain amino acids. She doesn’t let her condition define her or deter her from anything. One of Bridie’s next adventures will be taking part in the Bubble Rush with her mum, her brother Mikey (22) and sisters Molly (24), Bonnie (19), Betty (14) and Dolly (12).

Bridie is very independent, even using an eye gaze computer to access the internet and update her Facebook and she’s an expert at controlling her wheelchair with a special head sensor. Her mum, Michelle, describes her as a stunt girl. “She has been in a harness upside down, she wants to be an extra in a film and she wants to go scuba diving.”

Bridie has been cared for and supported by our staff for the past nine years. Michelle is urging people to join her family and sign up to the event. “We can’t wait to do the event,” said Michelle.

“Rainbows is an amazing place and we will do all we can to support it. The staff are amazing and Bridie has great relationships with everyone. Rainbows is a great fun break for all of us.”

Bridie is constantly laughing with her mum and their unbreakable bond shines though in her cheeky, mischievous smile. “We really live our lives. We are best friends, together all of the time,” said Michelle.

“She is one hell of a girl. She is so positive and every day when I wake up and see that face, I feel so lucky.”

The route is wheelchair, pushchair and child friendly. There will be live entertainment throughout the day. Victoria Brunt, Events Coordinator at Rainbows, added: “We are so excited to be launching our first ever Bubble Rush in Derby and we need the community to sign up.

“You don’t have to run. It’s not about speed or fitness, it’s about celebration, having fun with friends and family and raising a smile for Rainbows. We had the foam cannons at the hospice for the children, young people and staff and everyone had great fun in the bubbles.” Entry is £25 for over 16s, £7.50 for under 16s and under 3s go free. For more information, visit To join our Facebook page for updates, click here: