Cockerpoo Logi helps children at Rainbows

Rainbows welcomes a new Therapy Dog, Cockerpoo, Logi, who will help our children and young people.

Logi, who is a welcome addition to our team, visits our hospice with his owner, Louise Robinson. Louise supports us as she had close involvement with a family whose two-year-old daughter had a brain tumour and was supported by us until she passed away, aged four.

“I have always remembered how much the family appreciated the care and kindness during this sad time,” Louise said.

Louise also plays our Lottery and in 2021, she won £1,000. She bought her new companion, Logi, with the winnings.

The soon to be two-year-old Cockerpoo completed his training to become a PAT dog last October and visits us every three to four weeks for a of couple hours each time.

“I decided to train him as a PAT dog so we could give something back to the hospice,” Louise said.

“He receives plenty of smiles and it’s wonderful to see how much joy he brings to the children. Some who are not able to use their hands will rub their feet on his fluffy curls.”

Lynda, who works in the Rainbows Play Team, said: “All the children and young people who have met Logi have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Some may be missing their own pets while at Rainbows, while others may not have pets at home, so the opportunity to meet with Louise and Logi is much appreciated.

“Logi is a calm and gentle dog who loves interacting with everyone, and he has even been known to do the occasional trick for a treat! We all look forward to his visits.”

Written by Harleen Thind