Charity Shop Chic… with Sally

I started liking charity shops a few years back, when one day I ventured into one just for a ‘little’ look. This turned into a very big look which also involved a lot of purchasing! I never realised there were so many things I’d love – they’re like a little treasure trove and it always excites me when I spot beautiful clothes and designer bargains at such low prices. There’s the added satisfaction of helping such a great cause, like Rainbows.

If you expect the clothing in Rainbows shops to be over £10 each, then you’re wrong. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised with the amount of branded items available, sometimes you just have to delve into the rails and have a closer look. If you love those High Street stores, then I’d recommend having a little browse in a Rainbows shop… I often find clothes from well-known brands at a fraction of the price.

In January during a visit to the Loughborough Rainbows shop, I managed to get a blue cardigan, stripy t-shirt (you can never have enough stripes) and an adorable fox make-up bag all for just £9. You can’t really complain at spending £9 on three lovely things, right?

I’ve already been complimented on my new blue cardigan and asked where it was from! I love telling people the brilliant bargains you can get from Rainbows. I even got hold of an adorable brand new baby girl’s Joules top as a present for someone.

Shopping in a Rainbows shop is a great way to save some money while updating your wardrobe. And there’s no denying it, shopping in a Rainbows shop makes me a very happy bunny!


Find your nearest Rainbows shop here.