Bingo boss donates share of big cash prize

The founder of an online bingo website has chosen to donate a portion of an uncollected £5000 cash prize to Rainbows.

Rob Hutchison of has donated £500 to the hospice after plans for Britain’s first bingo wedding fell through and the £5000 sponsorship money was left unclaimed.

The lucky couple were ready and willing to go ahead with the Online Bingo Club sponsored wedding but plans were called to a halt when their vicar vowed that it would be inappropriate to support gambling during a religious ceremony.

Consequently, Rob decided to donate the money to ten of his most valued charities, including Rainbows.

He said: “Although it would have been fun to sponsor a wedding, I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to donate money to such worthy charities like Rainbows.

“The work the charity does is greatly valued in the Midlands community and I’m looking forward to maintaining the link with the charity in the future.”

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