Are East Midlands companies a good crumb or soggy bottom?

We want companies in the East Midlands to put their ‘honey’ where their mouth is for a new baking challenge. ‘Flour Power’ challenges colleagues to see who’s a good crumb and who has a soggy bottom – all while helping to ‘raise’ vital funds for us. Businesses, clubs and organisations from across Derbyshire are invited to show off their culinary creations by holding a bake sale.

Before tucking in, the charity wants colleagues to judge each other’s entries and pick a winner. A photo of the winning bake will be displayed on Rainbows’ website. Fiona Cairns Rainbows Ambassador and Royal Wedding Cake creator will be acting as a judge and every few months, she will choose from the pictures submitted to crown an overall champion who will receive a special prize. As a bonus, any company pledging to raise over £100 will receive a Rainbows Prize Pack so please register your company on our website.

Tom Stanyard, Corporate Partnership Fundraiser, said: “Bake sales have always been a simple and fun way to get involved and support Rainbows. We think this adds another layer of fun to them and is something a bit different – there’s a competitive ingredient now. Any funds you raise will make a real difference to everyone at the hospice so simply set a date for your colleagues to bake their delicious delicacies and bring them in to the office. Judge and take a picture of the best looking, then sample them all to decide who got it ‘beautifully moist’ and who over-whipped the cream. Don’t forget to sell them!”

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