Tell us about it!

We’d love to hear what you’re planning and we love talking to supporters and helping any way we can, please contact your local Community Fundraiser who can support you, send us an email or call us on 01509 638 005.

Along with our Community Fundraisers being on hand to offer help and support, below are some useful tips in this guide to help you along and make your event a roaring success!


  • What’s your goal?

    Make sure you set yourself a goal, both personal and for the fundraising amount too. Try to be realistic but be brave as well and think big! Plan and write everything down and involve as many people as you can, if asked most people are willing to lend a hand to support you. Your colleagues will all have different skills, so try to make the best of their knowledge to make the fundraising easier.

  • Why are you doing it?

    Explain to your supporters why you are raising funds. The more details and information you can give your supporters, the more passionate you appear and this will help you to reach your fundraising target. If you want more information about the work of Rainbows, get in touch with your local Community Fundraiser.

  • Get Sponsored

    Ask your friends and families to support you and then think about all the different people you know – don’t forget to tell them why you’re doing it! Set up and personalise your own on line fundraising page via Justgiving or contact your local Community Fundraiser for a paper sponsorship form (and further tips and advice on getting sponsorship!).

  • Don’t forget about Gift Aid

    Please remember to always ask your sponsors to Gift Aid their donation, if they are UK tax payers. This means that we can receive an extra 25p for every £1 donated. It doesn’t cost your sponsors any extra and we won’t put their details onto our database – but we will need their full name, home address and postcode to be able to claim the Gift Aid on their donation. Use our own sponsor form or if designing your own then please make sure you ask for this information and include a Gift Aid box that they tick to give us permission to make this claim.

    Gift Aid can be claimed on voluntary donations from individuals (not company donations). It can’t be claimed against sales of tickets or the proceeds of a general collection.

  • Have you thought about Matched Funding?

    A lot of companies have budgets for matching their employees’ fundraising efforts, find out if your employer does this, if not, be brave and ask if they would be prepared to support you.

  • Do it legally and safely

    We can help you plan your event so it is legal and safe – there is legislation around things such as food preparation and handling, and managing raffles. We can provide guidance and advise you where to access key information.

    We love talking to supporters and helping any way we can. For information about how your group can make a difference to our young people in your local community please contact your local Community Fundraiser who can support you, send us an email or call us on 01509 638 005

Your fundraising today, will help to brighten short lives here in the East Midlands tomorrow.