Support us while celebrating your special occasion, by dedicating your birthday, wedding or milestone to us. Set up a special fundraising page, ask for donations and help support the work we do here in the East Midlands.

However you decide to support us while celebrating, please make sure you do so in line with current social distancing guidance for your area.


One of the simplest and easiest ways to fundraise is to set up an online sponsorship page with JustGiving, who are our preferred online sponsorship platform.

Your colleagues, friends and family can donate to your page instantly through the secure online system. The money you raise is sent automatically, so you don’t need to do anything.

What’s more by using JustGiving, we can reclaim the Gift Aid on donations made by UK tax payers, making donations worth 25p more for each £1 given – at no extra cost.

As the money is taken from the donors account as soon as they sponsor you, there is no need to chase sponsors after the event.

And by sharing your page through social media and email you can reach all those friends, family and colleagues you don’t see every day.

Create a JustGiving Page

Did you know that a whopping 97% of all donations that come from social media are driven from Facebook! And to make fundraising via social media even easier, Facebook have a number of fundraising tools to help you (and us!).

Facebook Fundraising:

Facebook Fundraising is perfect whether you’re fundraising ahead of an event / challenge, or celebrating a birthday or anniversary – it’s also quick and easy to set up.

Facebook Donate Button:
You can add a Facebook Donate button to any of your posts – this is the perfect way to make it quick and easy for your friends and family to make a donation to you, when you’re shouting about your fundraising efforts on Facebook.

To add the button, type your post as normal and then before clicking publish…

  • click the … symbol
  • click Support Charity
  • search for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People – select us when we appear
  • post your update as normal

Create a Facebook Fundraiser for Rainbows

Every penny you raise, will help to brighten short lives here in the East Midlands

How your fundraising helps to brighten short lives

We only get around 18% of our funding from government bodies, so we rely on donations to fund the care we give.

  • £5 could provide the gift of a smile. What’s more precious than the smile on the faces of our babies, children and young people?
  • £15 could provide the gift of art, keeping our arts and crafts room fully stocked £35 could make a splash, giving the opportunity for a baby, child or young person to make use of our hydrotherapy pool
  • £50 could provide a gift of music, giving children the opportunity to express themselves during a music therapy session

We love talking to supporters and helping any way we can, please contact your local Community Fundraiser who can support you, send us an email or call us on 01509 638 005