Payroll giving is a simple way to support Rainbows with a donation from your monthly income. The scheme works best if lots of people do it – a collection of small monthly donations can make a huge difference to Rainbows.

Why not help Rainbows even further by having your company match the salary donations? This is a really great way to encourage employees to take part.

There are several ways you can set up payroll giving.

Set up an internal salary donation scheme

First of all, ask your employees how much they would like to give each month to Rainbows. You could agree a donation amount and ask staff to opt in or out of the salary giving. Alternatively, you could encourage staff to choose their own donation amounts or ask them to round down their salaries to the nearest pound.

Then you’ll need to speak with your finance team about making these deductions so you can send the donation to Rainbows monthly or quarterly. This method is great for keeping track of how your company has supported us.

Can we claim gift aid on these donations?
Yes! We’ll send you a gift aid declaration form for each employee to fill in if they wish, and a form to keep track of their donations – a really easy way to make your donation go even further.

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Register with a Payroll Giving Agency

Registering with an agency means that they will organise the payment from each employee to Rainbows. There may be an administration fee.

You can find out more by looking the following suggested agencies:

Joining a payroll giving agency means that the donation is taken before tax is applied, which means it costs less to donate! A pledge of £5 will cost you just £4 from your take home pay. (The cost saving is dependent on your tax bracket).

Ask employees to set up a direct debit with us

Employees can set up a regular donation with Rainbows independently by heading to our donate page. The great thing about this method is that we will manage the direct debit. Plus, your employees can continue to support Rainbows for as long as they’d like, even if they leave the work place.

Don’t forget to ask them to mention what company they’re from if this is part of your salary giving scheme.

Set up your payroll giving scheme today and help us to continue giving our families the care and support they need. Email our Corporate Team to find out more.