We’re inviting our littlest supporters throughout nurseries in the East Midlands to support Rainbows, by signing up for our Bow Bear Dash!

The Bow Bear Dash is a chance for children to be as brave as our mascot, Bow Bear, and put their best foot forward, and simply have loads of fun with their nursery friends! The best thing is, you can pick the distance you want to cover, how you cover the distance and when – making the event perfect for your nursery and ensuring the children have lots of fun!

All of our awesome toddlers will receive a special Bow Bear Dash medal and your nursery will receive a certificate for taking part, to let you know how much you all raised. Interested? Contact one of our Community Fundraisers today.

How to take part in the Bow Bear Dash:

Bow Bear wants to make things as easy as possible, to ensure the children at your nursery have as much fun as possible while taking part in the Bow Bear Dash. To help, he wants you to pick a date, time, and place which suits you, to complete your Bow Bear Dash. He also wants you to complete it in a way that is fun for you, whether this is by toddling, crawling, walking, running, or any other fun way you can think of, such as a scooter race!

We’d love to see the fun you’re having though – so please do tag us in any photos you may share on your social media channels (we can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and don’t forget to use the #BowBearDash too!

Why take part in the Bow Bear Dash:

We only get around 18% of our funding from government bodies, so we rely on donations to fund the care we give. By taking part in the Bow Bear Dash, you’re helping to support our vital work here in the East Midlands, helping us be here for children and young people, like Preston.

Preston has a life-threatening heart condition, but he doesn’t let that stop him from running around, playing, and enjoying life. Preston and his family are supported by Rainbows, and his mum says: “Rainbows is excellent. It’s a lovely, happy place. We all stay at Rainbows as I can’t be too far away from Preston. It’s like a holiday for us. Preston is safe at Rainbows and he gets to do things that he normally can’t, like swimming in the hydrotherapy pool.”

By fundraising during your Bow Bear Dash, you can help to fund our hydrotherapy pool and other key facilities and care, our children, young people, and families rely on.

How we’ll support you during your Bow Bear Dash:

If you’re interested in taking part in the Bow Bear Dash, please do get in touch with one of our Community Fundraisers. They’ll be able to talk through how we can support you with your Bow Bear Dash and fundraising efforts, and they’ll also be able to send you some images to use on your social media channels to promote your event, along with some poster templates. They’re happy to help, so if there’s something else you may need, please do ask – and we’ll do our best.