Corporate Donations

Whether it’s in lieu of Christmas Cards, for an employees birthday or retirement, or just as an act of generosity – companies donate directly to charities for lots of reasons. 

It may be that we’ve been a Charity of the year, or that employees have been asked to nominate a charity to receive a donation. 

Whatever the reason, donating directly from company accounts can be a great way to engage with your staff and also make a huge difference to Rainbows. 

Corporation Tax Relief can also be claimed on donations that are made gross, before tax is applied – this makes them deductible from your annual profits. Your accountant will be able to provide more advice. 

If you’d like to make a regular donation, why not consider membership of our Business Club? Alternatively, you can make a donation via our Donate page, please don't forget to tell us in the message the name of your organisation.