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Welcome to Rainbows Twinkle Little Star Appeal

For Rainbows children we can’t be sure of Christmas times to come, but you can help us make this Christmas really special.

Donate to our Twinkle Little Star Appeal and help children like Toby and Jessica, our little stars have an incurable condition. Watch their video and listen to them sing for you.

Toby and Jessica’s story

This Christmas, as you’re shopping for presents and spending time with your loved ones, take a moment to think about families like the Joneses. It’s children and parents just like these that you’ll be helping with a donation to Rainbows this Christmas.

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with a wide range of instruments and techniques, music therapy helps the children to express their emotions allowing them to be themselves. A firm favorite that brightens any day


Through light, sound and texture. The Multi-sensory room stimulates and engages the senses. The therapy helps the children smile. laugh or simply relax.


Hydrotherapy is a great comfort to the children.It helps relieve pain and allows for movement not possible in a wheelchair. as well as being relaxing, it’s great fun!


For many of the families that use Rainbows an overnight stay at the hospice is the closest they get to a holiday. The children are looked after 24 hours a day by our fully trained nurses and care team staff so parents can get a rare, well needed rest.


At Rainbows we work hard to make each moment count. Family time together is precious. We make memories through arts and craft that the families can treasure.


Get a beautiful Wish Star this Christmas


This enchanting decoration makes the perfect gift and helps all the children at Rainbows. Simply write a wish for yourself or a loved one then pop it in the pocket on the front. Hang it wherever you choose and the star will keep your wish safe. It might even come true?

Twinkle Wish Star Decorations are £2.50. You can buy your Wish Stars here.