Family support

There for our families

Caring for a child with a life-limiting condition changes a parent’s life forever. Exhausting, rewarding, sometimes positive, sometimes painful – we’re here for our families from when they are referred, throughout the care of their child and through bereavement. Families do not have to use our in-house respite facilities to receive family support, all we ask is that they meet Rainbows’ criteria.

Our Family Support Workers work closely with each family to uncover their individual needs and how best to provide information and practical support that will really make a difference. They’ll also work together with other professionals and services involved in the child’s care whenever they feel this would help.

Our people are here to help families find their own ways to cope, give emotional support which frees families to talk about their fears and worries and empower them to make decisions about their child’s care. They work as a critical link between the information and practical support that’s available to families caring for a child with a life-limiting condition. And at the same time, they’re a familiar and trusted figure who offers true support when times are difficult, particularly through to the end of their child’s life and bereavement.

Join our Facebook Community

We have noticed we have a large family community of parents & carers, family and friends from here at Rainbows on Facebook, seen as this is an integral part of our growing family contact, we have created our parents and carers only Facebook group (on a “Secret Group” classification).

This group is the ideal place to discuss the issues amongst friends who can truly empathise on situations you may not want to discuss publicly on your personal profiles or the Rainbows fan page. If you are a Facebook user, and are a parent or carer of a Rainbows child, please fill in your details below to join our Facebook community and our moderators will process your membership requests as quickly as possible.

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Support for everyone

Diversity is important to Rainbows. Our Cultural Link Workers make sure our services are culturally appropriate. They also help Asian and Black families access Rainbows’ services by:

• Opening up good communication between these families and Rainbows and providing them with the right information to make the most of our services.

• Offering support and encouragement so families feel comfortable using our services and asking for things that promote their own needs and interests.

• Developing information packs for Asian and Black families so that they can understand what we do and offer.

Support through bereavement

We bring bereavement support to the whole family from as soon as they feel ready to talk about their child’s impending death. Our support is ongoing until the end and beyond and we take the time to discuss things like funerals and organ donation.

Each family’s cultural and religious beliefs are recognised and respected. And we are there for families after the child or young person’s death until everyone is ready to live a very different life from the one planned.

Support for siblings

We’re there for brothers and sisters aged over five years of the children and young people who use Rainbows. We want to help siblings have fun and meet others who face similar problems to their own.

Coming to Rainbows gives siblings the chance to gain information and understanding, share experiences and talk to other people who really understand. We can also provide one-to-one support when a child needs it.

All bereaved siblings are offered one-to-one support for up to five years after their brother or sister has died.