Specialist care

We offer individual care to children, young people and families to meet their particular needs. This care can include the following:

  • Medical care needs which include managing pain  and controlling symptoms, highly specialised clinical and emergency palliative care (any care that alleviates symptoms). We have an experienced team of nurses including specialists for respiratory and palliative care. Our clinical staff will assess conditions, give and manage medicines, maintain ventilators, and use treatments when appropriate.
  • Physical care needs such as washing, dressing and feeding. We have therapy specialists in play and social activities, music, aromatherapy, relaxation techniques, massage therapy and activities in the hydrotherapy pool.
  • Emotional and psychological care needs of the child or young person and their family. A named person will provide advice and support to the family and child or young person. We also provide support over the phone 365 days a year.

  • Social care needs include having team members who provide support to other children in the family, as well as groups and activities for parents, children and young people.
  • Cultural care needs covers your individual and cultural needs whether in terms of the type of care, dietary needs or support in your own language.
  • Spiritual care needs means we respect all faiths and beliefs. We will work with families to make sure that your beliefs, spiritual and cultural needs are valued and supported.

We have a team of specialist doctors providing 24-hour advice. Care at the hospice is managed by nurses and the standards of care are set by the Department of Health (Health & Social Care Act 2008). We are regulated and monitored by the Care Quality Commission, England.