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Could Rory Mcilroy play golf without Nike? The answer of course is ‘yes’ – Mcilroy could still play golf if he wasn’t sponsored by Nike – but by partnering with a successful, well known and respected international sportsman, Nike are able to display their branding to everyone who sees him, either in person, in print or on television. In return, Mcilroy does what he’s best at and Nike are able to share in his successes. Win-win!

Unfortunately, we won’t be going to the sunny skies of Augusta, GA, for a game of golf anytime soon – but you will see our branding, our supporters and our events across the entire East Midlands region.

Sponsorship of a hospice event, publication or piece of equipment can help us to fund entirely or cut the costs of these initiatives, meaning we can use as much money as possible in providing care and support to the children who need the hospice. In return, we can offer some bespoke PR opportunities and other benefits. 

Smooth Radio at Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People

For more information about sponsorship opportities get in touch!